A Special Night for 30 Years

My friend was celebrating his 30th birthday a couple of weeks ago and didn’t have any plans for it. My other friends and I wanted to take him out for a big celebration, so we decided to put our money together to rent a limo for him to ride around town in during the evening. We contacted Paradise limo service in Toronto because we heard they were a good service and their limo prices were pretty reasonable. They let us reserve a limo for the evening of our friend’s birthday.

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Introduction into the Maserati Quattroporte

The Maserati Quattroporte is a luxury four door sedan made by Maserati, in the country of Italy. The name Quattroporte translated means “four doors” in Italian, as it was the only sedan made by the luxury sports car manufacturer. So far the Maserati Quattroporte has been through five generations, and tends to redesign every few years or so.

The first generation of the Maserati Quattroporte originated in 1963, and continued until 1969. Maserati had a high reputation at this time, as well as now. At the time, the car featured a 4.1 or 4.7 liter V8 engine, with 256 or 295 horsepower. The transmission was either a 5 speed manual, or a 3 speed automatic. Compared to newer cars today, these numbers may not seem very impressive, but for a car in 1963, these numbers were unbelievable. .

The next generation of the Maserati Quattroporte, known as the Quattroporte II, ranged from 1974-1978. This generation featured a complete redesign of both the interior and the exterior. The car was downgraded to a 3.0 liter, 210 horsepower v6 engine, amidst the oil crisis of the 1970s.

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An Automotive Service Technician Is Part Of One Of Canada

Have you always been fascinated with how a car engine works? Do you enjoy figuring out what”s wrong with your car when it breaks down? Do you like working with your hands? If you answered yes to any of these questions, a career in the transportation industry might be for you. The transportation industry is one of the largest in Canada and service technicians are in demand. The job of a service tech includes: inspecting, maintaining, and repairing automobiles that run on electricity, gasoline, or alternative fuels like ethanol. This professional is also responsible for executing basic care maintenance like tire rotations and oil changes, diagnosing complex problems, and planning and executing vehicle repair.

You can now get your foot in the door of the transportation field with Centennial College”s Automotive Service Technician Co-op, partnered with the Toronto Automobile Dealer”s Association. The training begins with eight months in school, which is an essential component of the apprenticeship. During this time, you will participate in courses that are geared to making you job-ready for the on-the-job aspect of the undertaking. Many of these aren”t your typical lecture courses, as you actually train on automotive assemblies in fully equipped campus automotive labs in the province”s largest transportation training centre, Ashtonbee campus. The vehicles on which you work reflect the products sold by supporting T.A.D.A dealerships. Some of the hands-on courses include: Engine Systems, Drive Train Systems, Suspension/Steering Brakes, Air Conditioning Systems and much more. In addition, you will take courses in general education, English and the automotive trade. These lecture-type courses are meant to prepare you for administrative roles, should you go in that direction. They include: Work Practices, Occupational Health & Safety, College Communications, Organizational Behaviour, Auto body Estimating, Fixed Operations Management and more. The well-rounded training means that upon graduation from Centennial College, you”ll also be eligible to work as a service writer, instructor or professor, automotive company representative, advisor and service manager.

Automotive Training imparted at Centennial, makes students well equipped in the industry.

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Automotive Batteries Set The Economy In Motion

Imagine a world without power and energy. That is not only unimaginable but it is also undesirable in today’s world. As the world is in constant motion, we are only too aware of the fact that we need power in everything around us. Every industrial and commercial establishment is dependent upon the successful supply of energy. Automobile batteries are paramount in their importance for the regular supply of goods and raw materials.

The entire transport and supply chain industry in dependent upon automotive batteries. They are the heart of automotives apart from the engine. The breakdown of the unsuccessful functioning of these batteries will not only slow down the delivery of those goods but it will also slow down the economy as a whole. The wheels of the economy run on the smooth functioning of the vehicles that carry goods and raw materials to different destinations around the country and even around the world.

Automotive industry and automobiles are in the same boat – The automotive batteries industry is one of the most successful industries in the country at present. With the burgeoning sales of vehicles of all types from small and mid-scaled luxury vehicles to heavy bulk carriers, this auto component industry is parallel to the growth of automobiles. They are highly dependent upon the supply of lead for the creation of these components. The supply of lead as an important component of battery making is vital for the industry.

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Some Of The Worst Optimized Websites Are In The Automotive Industry

I have seen the future of the automotive industry. And it is not pretty. Sure, you can send me hate mail or you can take a big look for yourself. I don’t spend a lot of time paying lip service to middle management drones or trying to flirt with half informed office hacks. I have seen many of these automotive sites from the inside out. We have literally popped the lid on these sites and checked out the guts and I got to tell ya. It’s no wonder our cars aren’t selling in this country. Nobody can find these sites in the first place. Many of our automotive dealerships are next to impossible to find on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

A lot of these sites share the same challenges of Yamaha atv parts sites. These sites also have the same problems that Kawasaki and Honda sites share as well. These websites are created to dazzle with lots of flashing graphics, whirling colors, and slicked up graphics that masks important information like keywords, and readable text. You see no matter how sexed up the graphics are search engine spider bots still have to read the text in your sites.

The two things you don’t want to do is put a lot of Flash in your sites. The search engines will look at that page as one big black box. All of the great animation and text information in your web site will get swallowed up and never really get picked up and archived in the search engines. The second worse thing you can do is put a lot of javascript in your websites. This is a great way to ensure that you will never rank well in the search engines. So if you want to rank well I would listen to guys who actually do this for a living instead of someone who logs into an automotive Ning site from time to time.

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Servicing The Automotive Industry

Every great team is nothing but the sum of individual players. Likewise, every great machine is nothing but the sum of individual, well-made parts. The trucks that barrel down our highways bringing us our goods are meticulously built and maintained. Similarly, the entire trucking and transportation industry also requires meticulous maintenance, making sure the relationships between manufacturers, clients and transportation specialists all work together as smoothly as possible. So who is responsible for being the gel holding all these parts together? The Automotive Service And Parts Advisor.

An automotive service advisor is like a combination of a auto-parts consultant and customer relations specialist, two relatively different areas of expertise. This person must know how to deal with mechanics and truckers on one hand regarding technical and operational issues, as well as individual customers and clients on the other hand regarding their personalized needs and any problems they may have. In other words, one must be a people-person, and be comfortable communicating in the secret language of machines.

If you are interested in a career in the transportation industry but don’t think you are cut out for a life on the road, or under the hood of a truck, then consider if these tasks sound right for you: scheduling and time-management, automotive parts and systems coordination, conflict resolution and communication, invoicing, inventory control, and warranties, customer service and client care, and dealer operations. This may sound like a job for more than one person, but this only proves how diverse this kind of career can be.

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